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Madonna Cakes

cake-1283824_1280Cakes are one of the sweetest desserts that we all love. They always create beautiful and memorable moment for any kind of event. One of the sweetest cakes you can taste are the Madonna Cakes. The Madonna Cakes are made at the Madonna Inn’s bakery. They bakery is made up of a team that specializes in making custom baked goods, sumptuous cupcakes and tiered cakes.

Most Popular Madonna Cakes

One of the qualities of the cakes by Madonna is that they are freshly made from their on-site bakery. The most popular cakes loved by Madonna customers include the cream-filled Pink Champagne Cake, refreshing Lemon Coconut Cake, Black Forest Cake, Delight Cake with white chocolate curls toppings, luscious Raspberry and the delicious Toffee Crunch Cake.

Cakes for Weddings and Special Occasions

france-confectionery-83373_640The team at Madonna bakers also provide cakes for weddings, banquets and parties upon placing order. They team always ensures that the cake delivered delights your guest. A portfolio of wedding cakes is available on-site at the bakery for customers to have a view.

One is allowed to bring a picture of the kind of cake they would like to have the team make for them, and they will provide the estimated cost for recreating the same. The Madonna bakery also has its cake decorators who decorate your cake according to your preferences. An arrangement can be made to have the cake decorated with fresh flowers. Brides who book their weddings with them are offered complementary cake tasting.

Cake Tasting

strawberry-roll-1263099_1280Cake tasting is provided at a consultation and tasting fee of $20 for those who have not booked their weddings or cake orders with them. The cake tasting can accommodate up to three persons and is available Monday through Thursday.

Anyone interested in buying or ordering Madonna cakes can visit the bakery’s website to view the list of the cakes, their pictures and their prices.

Madonna Inn bakery won the award for “Best Bakery” in the 2015 New Times Readers Polls, and they prove to be the trusted bakery to satisfy all your cake needs.

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5 Extreme Madonna Music Videos

Madonna has exposed the world to a rather extreme range of creativity in her music, through the music videos she produces. Several of her videos have been banned due to violence, nudity and sexual scenes. Four of these videos are: American Life (2003), What it Feels like for a Girl (2000), Erotica (1992) and Justify My Love (1990).

American Life is a music video set on a modelling runway. Madonna is wearing an air force costume, while all of the models on the runway are dressed in numerous military clothes, from the army to the Marines. During one scene, there are several women who appear stuck in bathroom stalls and one woman continually shows her thong. There are numerous bombs/grenades being set off, and dismembered limbs that fall on the runway. In the original video, Madonna threw a grenade at President Bush. In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq, so Madonna decided to remove the video.

​The second extreme video that Madonna made was, What it feels like for a Girl. In this video, Madonna picks up an elderly lady at an old folk’s home, and the two speed around Los Angeles in a yellow Corvette. Madonna commits crime after crime, which makes the audience feel as though they are witnessing the game Grand Theft Auto. At one point, Madonna points a gun a two Police Officers and then speeds through a street hockey game, eventually stealing a red corvette while the owner is gassing it up. Due to the violence in this video, it was eventually taken off the T.V.

Another extreme video was titled Erotica and it is everything that the title suggests. The video is full of nudity with several women shown topless and wearing leather. There are also women making out with one another and lots of whips shown too. Throughout the video, Madonna is wearing a black mask and a dominatrix suit.

The video, Justify My Love is another video with extreme nudity. This video is set in a hotel and begins with Madonna touching herself in the hall. A male enters the scene, and soon the two are making out and engaged in sexual touching throughout the rest of the video. There are numerous topless women and almost everyone is clad in leather. An orgy-like atmosphere is portrayed as Madonna makes out with one man, while another man watches.

It is no wonder that Madonna has been called the Queen of Pop. She produces music videos that keep people guessing and show her wild, creative side. Madonna shows her attitude toward numerous topics in her videos, and she is typically not worried what anyone thinks.

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Madonna, Kesha And Dion Touch the hearts Of Millions During The Billboard Awards

The Billboard awards present a grand opportunity to honor top artists in the music industry. It is certainly a great honor when such celebrities decide to use their awards and the occasion to pay tribute and recognize other individuals who have played a vital role in their careers. The 2016 Billboard Awards saw the display of very sentimental feelings by some of the very best musicians in the world today.

Madonna, Celine Dion and Kesha left a mark in the awards by the emotional ways they chose to appreciate the 2016 billboard awards. Madonna touched the hearts of the millions by opting to use the occasion to pay tribute to Prince. This was simply remarkable. Prince, who passed away on 21st April 2016, was a multi-talented musician and actor who touched the lives of many throughout his illustrious career in the entertainment. He resonated with millions of funs with his flamboyant presence on stage, extravagant make up and dress and his unusually wide vocal range.

Dion took a similar but different path; she dedicated this iconic award to her late husband Rene Angelil. Rene was not just Dion’s husband. Other than being Dion’s mentor and manager who inspired her to becoming the super star she is today, he was a formidable figure in the music industry too. Dion’s choice to pay tribute to her husband, who died of cancer at the age of 73, resonated emotional with her funs across the globe.

Kesha stole the show and got a standing ovation from the audience; she used the occasion to singing out her rendition and version of Ain’t Me in honor of Bob Dylan. As a singer, song writer and artist Bob has greatly influenced culture and popular music for decades. The contribution of his music during the era on anti-war and civil rights movements greatly endeared him across the US and beyond. Though there were numerous top musicians who were honored with these awards it was Madonna, Kesha and Dion who ruled the stage at the emotional Billboard Awards Definitely by using this grand occasion to honor this great American musician, Kesha touched the hearts of many of the audience.

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Best Madonna Fridge Magnets

$_35If you are a lover of the singer, songwriter, and actress Madonna, you don’t have to feel ashamed about it – there are numerous great ways how you can let others know that you are a fan of hers or that you simply respect her music or personality. We offer you to take a look at madonna fridge magnets that are quality made and can refresh your fridge. It is quite a common practice to put something on the fridge so that it would appear more interesting than only one color furniture as you look at it on a daily basis.

Madonna magnets come in different shapes and different materials are used. Mostly they are plastic with a glossy surface that makes them shiny and easy to be noticed no matter where you put them. Their size can vary: 5,4 x 8,6 cm, 7,5 x 7,5 cm and others so that everyone can find some that fits their fridge. They are qualitative and stick to the surface perfectly. The large selection of them will allow you to choose the ones that suit the best your preferences or the rest of the room where your beloved branded fridge is. Numerous colors allow these magnets appear vintage, modern or any other style as this woman also is diverse and like to surprise the world. Magnets is a great way how to keep up with being a fan or just because you simply like how some piece looks. It can also be a nice gift someone else. $_35-2This kind of thing also doesn’t gather dust and there is no additional requirement how to keep it shiny as magnets always look like brand new. This American singer is a legend that shouldn’t be forgotten. Her voice and works amaze many people. Thus, any magnet you choose will be a great addition to your life and interior.
Madonna’s fridge magnets will allow you to feel like a collector as well as every time you will open it you will see her. That is only one of the reasons why on the fridge you should put something you like or adore. Madonna definitely is a great diva and looks amazing in all the pictures. There are numerous offered sizes, types, and photos as magnets and available in stock so that you can get them whenever you decide to have at least one. Most likely you won’t stop by having just one of them. Any fridge will look nicer to have more than one magnet and why not them to be Madonna?

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Best Madonna Dresses

41tTfGKLMNL._AC_UL320_SR224,320_Madonna has been a colossal impact on pop tunes and fashion in every single decade since the 80’s, and as eighties outfits turns out to be progressively more prominent and in vogue for parties, she is without a doubt a perfect possibility for individuals to end up for their bash.

Furthermore, there exists heaps of decision with regards to fashion for your tribute to the 80’s Madonna. Every one of them radiate the swagger and varied look and feel and are exceptionally uncomplicated to wear and embellish on the off chance that you so wish. Here is an overview of the best Madonna dresses and outfits.

To begin with lets look at the Pop Bride, it is a wedding outfit with a straightforwardly from MTV punky style to it and comprises of a white garment with girdle style best and a layered skirt accompanied by fingerless white gloves and cover.

Include a few fishnets and high heels, this extravagant dress outfit and the ‘Like a Virgin’ appearance is closed.

76781736240bbde36343680bcaa60aefThe 1980’s Wild Child outfit is a genuine blend of the 80’s components. The extravagant dress outfit comprises of a panther print coat,tutu styl skirt and a dark top, fancy tights, white gloves and dark headband.

There would be no compelling reason to frantically look for admirers when you walk around the social gathering in this extravagant dress ensemble.

A look at the virginal white shading tones from the Pop Bride outfit, The Toy Boy ensemble is a white extravagant dress ensemble that incorporates white transparent tutu, a white top, white gloves, a belt and facilitated headband.

This extravagant dress will surely look awesome with high heels and a few fishnets will include the completing touch.

80-s-wild-child-like-madonna-wig-171-p[ekm]294x300[ekm]Should you right now have things that you have to create your 1980’s fashion look or you might simply want to spice a couple of more things to the ensembles we have examined above, then an extensive variety of adornments exist that can help you.
Wild Child Wig, can help you quickly reproduce a Madonna style stun of hair, in the event that you are experiencing issues getting your own simply right. Simple to wear and truly powerful, simply bear in mind to have a wig top as it will ensure comfort.

Need to include neonin a tad bit to the proceedings, at that point you can pick from available scope of various shaded fishnet gloves.Orange,Pink and green are only a couple of the option shades accessible and they will absolutely enhance1980’s style and look to the outfit you choose to match them with.

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Top Ten Madonna Memorabilia

Are you a Madonna fan? You will be pleased to know that there are a number of collectibles out there that will remind you of Madonna’s reign in pop music. Below is a list of top ten Madonna memorabilia.

  1. The Jean Paul Gaultier Bustier


This is one of Madonna’s attire that sparked massive attention during the 80s. The black tussled bustier defined the pop artist as being edgy and daring. She first wore it in her sound track film “Who’s that Girl.” She again wore the attire in a stage performance called the “Like a Virgin.” Since then, tussled bustier has received so much prominence to the point of being displayed at the Fredrick’s of Hollywood Museum and the Rock & Roll of Fame.

  1. Veil Worn on Like a Virgin Video


“Like a Virgin” is one of Madonna’s popular songs that hit the charts in 1984. In the music video, Madonna is seen wearing a graceful wedding dress and veil. The veil was designed by a famous by a famous Japanese fashionista known as Kazuku. It was sold to Christie in December at $17,925.

  1. 1979 Photograph of Madonna


This 1979 photograph is said to be Madonna’s most revealing moment. It was taken by one of the most famous photographers of all time, Lee Friedlander.

  1. Handwritten Lyrics of Like a Prayer

Like a Prayer’ is one song that hit the charts on both sides of Atlantic. During that time, the song caused much controversy because it combined religious symbolism with sexually suggestive lyrics. This set of Madonna’s handwritten lyrics was sold at Sotheby’s auction in 2001 at twenty thousand dollars.

  1. The Blonde Ambition Costume


The Blonde Ambition marked Madonna’s third tour. It was coupled with 57 shows that were performed across Europe, Asia and North America. During the tour, Madonna wore a two-piece costume that comprised of a black satin bustier with black lycra shorts. The costume managed to hit a high sale figure of $26,000 during an auction held by Christie.

  1. The Coffee Table Book


This is a book Madonna wrote with the help of a photographer known as Steven Meisel. The book met a considerable amount of controversy because it contained some sadomasochistic and pornographic content. It was designed to support her 5th album Erotica. During the bustier auction, the signed copy of the book was bought at $3,200.

  1. Evita Screen Costume

In 1996, Madonna starred in a musical film called Evita. The film was written after the life of Eva Peron. During the film she wore quite a number of costumes that saw her win the Guinness Book of record as the single star with the highest number of costume changes. She managed to wear 85 costumes including 45 pairs of shoes, 39 hats and 56 pairs of earrings. Her most outstanding costume was the Penny Rose evening dress that was sold at Profiles in History for $22,500.

  1. The Ray of Light MTV Video Award


The Ray of Light was one video that received quite a number of awards. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, the video received the 1998 MTV awards for, Best Direction, Best Female Video, Best Choreography and Best Editing. The award was auctioned to Julien in 2014 at $20,480.

  1. Girlie Show Stage Costume

The costume was worn by Madonna during her 1993 Girlie Tour Show in which she visited 12 countries. The tour was is support of her Erotica album. It was sold through Julien’s Auctions in October 2010 for $23,750.

  1. Other Interesting Collectibles

Other amazing collectibles include: a Beatles Record contract, her 18th century Swiss violin and her authentic photographs of The Clash and The Who.


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