5 Extreme Madonna Music Videos

Madonna has exposed the world to a rather extreme range of creativity in her music, through the music videos she produces. Several of her videos have been banned due to violence, nudity and sexual scenes. Four of these videos are: American Life (2003), What it Feels like for a Girl (2000), Erotica (1992) and Justify My Love (1990).

American Life is a music video set on a modelling runway. Madonna is wearing an air force costume, while all of the models on the runway are dressed in numerous military clothes, from the army to the Marines. During one scene, there are several women who appear stuck in bathroom stalls and one woman continually shows her thong. There are numerous bombs/grenades being set off, and dismembered limbs that fall on the runway. In the original video, Madonna threw a grenade at President Bush. In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq, so Madonna decided to remove the video.

​The second extreme video that Madonna made was, What it feels like for a Girl. In this video, Madonna picks up an elderly lady at an old folk’s home, and the two speed around Los Angeles in a yellow Corvette. Madonna commits crime after crime, which makes the audience feel as though they are witnessing the game Grand Theft Auto. At one point, Madonna points a gun a two Police Officers and then speeds through a street hockey game, eventually stealing a red corvette while the owner is gassing it up. Due to the violence in this video, it was eventually taken off the T.V.

Another extreme video was titled Erotica and it is everything that the title suggests. The video is full of nudity with several women shown topless and wearing leather. There are also women making out with one another and lots of whips shown too. Throughout the video, Madonna is wearing a black mask and a dominatrix suit.

The video, Justify My Love is another video with extreme nudity. This video is set in a hotel and begins with Madonna touching herself in the hall. A male enters the scene, and soon the two are making out and engaged in sexual touching throughout the rest of the video. There are numerous topless women and almost everyone is clad in leather. An orgy-like atmosphere is portrayed as Madonna makes out with one man, while another man watches.

It is no wonder that Madonna has been called the Queen of Pop. She produces music videos that keep people guessing and show her wild, creative side. Madonna shows her attitude toward numerous topics in her videos, and she is typically not worried what anyone thinks.

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