Madonna, Kesha And Dion Touch the hearts Of Millions During The Billboard Awards

The Billboard awards present a grand opportunity to honor top artists in the music industry. It is certainly a great honor when such celebrities decide to use their awards and the occasion to pay tribute and recognize other individuals who have played a vital role in their careers. The 2016 Billboard Awards saw the display of very sentimental feelings by some of the very best musicians in the world today.

Madonna, Celine Dion and Kesha left a mark in the awards by the emotional ways they chose to appreciate the 2016 billboard awards. Madonna touched the hearts of the millions by opting to use the occasion to pay tribute to Prince. This was simply remarkable. Prince, who passed away on 21st April 2016, was a multi-talented musician and actor who touched the lives of many throughout his illustrious career in the entertainment. He resonated with millions of funs with his flamboyant presence on stage, extravagant make up and dress and his unusually wide vocal range.

Dion took a similar but different path; she dedicated this iconic award to her late husband Rene Angelil. Rene was not just Dion’s husband. Other than being Dion’s mentor and manager who inspired her to becoming the super star she is today, he was a formidable figure in the music industry too. Dion’s choice to pay tribute to her husband, who died of cancer at the age of 73, resonated emotional with her funs across the globe.

Kesha stole the show and got a standing ovation from the audience; she used the occasion to singing out her rendition and version of Ain’t Me in honor of Bob Dylan. As a singer, song writer and artist Bob has greatly influenced culture and popular music for decades. The contribution of his music during the era on anti-war and civil rights movements greatly endeared him across the US and beyond. Though there were numerous top musicians who were honored with these awards it was Madonna, Kesha and Dion who ruled the stage at the emotional Billboard Awards Definitely by using this grand occasion to honor this great American musician, Kesha touched the hearts of many of the audience.

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